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The Adventure of the Murdered Gypsy -- Liease Sherwood Fabre
Ghosts from Mrs. Holmes’ past threaten the family’s future.

Sherlock Volume 4 Liese Sherwood Fabre
Stay as smart as Sherlock!

The Adventure of the Murdered Gypsy -- Liease Sherwood Fabre
Be as smart as Sherlock! Learn what he knew that you don’t.

An Unconventional Holmes -- Liese Sherwood Fabre
FREE READ! Will Holmes conventional methods solve three unconventional cases?

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I was born and lived my first eighteen years in Dallas, Texas, graduating from Richardson High School in 1975. I should have known I was destined to write when in the second grade I got an “A” for my story about Dick, Jane, and Sally’s ruined picnic.

I continued to experience some success in writing, winning an honorable mention for two stories submitted to TCU’s student writing competition as an undergraduate there.

For several years, I focused my talents on professional writing as I earned a PhD in Sociology from Indiana University.  I learned two valuable lessons during that time:  you can’t edit what you don’t have down on paper and the power of keeping things simple. 

I learned more about the power of simple writing when my husband and I moved to Washington, D.C.  I had the good fortune of having everything I wrote reviewed by some very skilled professionals who taught me how to tighten my writing for busy executives. 
From D.C., my husband’s job carried us first to Honduras, then Mexico, and finally Moscow, Russia.  My experiences in these countries have blessed me with people and places that inspire and populate my writing.

After living abroad for ten years, our family has returned to Dallas.  Thanks to support from wonderful teachers, courses, and conferences, I have gained confidence and skill in my writing.

I look forward now to additional encouragement from my readers.



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